The Blessing of Friends

I don’t do many sessions just for myself… But this session was an exception.


You see there is a group of girls at my church who are so sweet and the best of friends. I mean like BEST friends. If you check out their social media feeds they often have posts about each other, encouraging one another, celebrating one another and of course sometimes making fun of each other but really it’s such a beautiful thing to see. Genuine friendship that is led by Christ. You see non of these girls are perfect and throughout friendships there will always be moments that aren’t so beautiful but I wanted to make sure to capture the beauty that I saw. The beauty that radiates Christ and shows just how awesome that girls who encourage each other can be.


So this session was just for me (and well I guess it was for them too..) But it was for me in the sense that I got to document their friendship with no pressure, to simply show others the importance of community. I hope this blog encourages you to grab your girlfriends and document your friendship, build your friendship and encourage your friends! <3


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