Steel + Lorin :: Adventure Session

Who are your family friends? I have a handful of friends that were created through the friendships of my parents! It is amazing!

A group of skiers at Sea World who loved the Lord and encouraged each other through life created friendships for their children. I could name a few families that I consider family friends. We grew up together. Not always hanging out together but always knowing what was going on each other’s lives and usually meeting up at least once a year to have time together as friends.

Steel is one of those family friends. We may not have hung out much as kids (even though he lived down the road from me) but our families have always been connected. It’s pretty cool to see the impact of your parents on your lives and your friendships. You see Steel seems almost like family just because I’ve known him so long. So naturally his beautiful wife feels like family too.

These two ¬†are incredible. They live for the Lord, smile always and are just genuinely fun to be around! I warned them before we went on their session that I didn’t see any “No Trespassing” signs and that our adventure could possibly make us run into snakes and other crazy things… But can you believe that the most intense thing that we came across were massive prickers. Like the ones that prick you through your shoes and jeans!

Once we slowly pulled all of those stinkery prickers off we ran through the orange fields and experimented with some fun photos which may or may not have turned out as I expected them too… But hey, you have to try. You have to keep pushing yourself as an artist and sometimes you will succeed tremendously and some times you will fail… So you be the judge… Check out these images from our recent adventure session… If you like them then you HAVE to book with me because I want to explore Central Florida with you!

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