Jess :: Maternity

When I started out in photography I always wanted to be the photographer that was down to earth, compassionate and someone who simply becomes a friend to my clients. With Jess and Andrew is was so easy to become friends! We have actually been through a lot considering we really only see each other during our photo sessions...


You see, Jess first contacted me for Engagement photos! So of course I did those and they turned out great! Then she booked me for her wedding! I was SO excited but a few days before her wedding a suffered a miscarriage. It wasn't pretty and I was physically unable to shoot her wedding! Thankfully I found another photographer to jump into my shoes last minute and then I edited the images. She was there for me and supported me when I was at my worst. Since her wedding I have done her family photos, maternity photos, newborn photos, smash cake photos of her son, and extended family photos with her siblings. So many amazing moments I was able to be a part of!


Most recently Jess contacted me to do her maternity photos which of course I was thrilled about! But unfortunately some things came up during this pregnancy... Further tests were need so Jess made the decision that the extra cost of photos was just not the best choice, and I agreed. But there was no way that I was going to let one of my best clients miss out on documenting her second pregnancy! So I insisted that I take the photos for her. I was not going to charge her because to be honest friendship and memories are so much more important than money to me! I know that's not very business minded but I also know that the business I want to grow is a business that is full of integrity, compassion and love! And that my friends is why these beautiful images exist.



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