Family session means… melt down, tantrum and attitude

I am just going to be brutally honest in this blog. Getting ready for family photos is HARD!

No really… I always have such a hard time picking out clothes and getting us to look somewhat nice. Fun fact: We don’t buy new clothes for family photos. We just hope that we can find something in each person’s closet that is not stained and matches.

I called my sister Wednesday morning and asked if she was available THAT evening to take some photos for us… Even though she is moving on Friday (face palm) I kind of felt like the worst sister ever asking during such a busy week for her. But she said YES! Thank you, sissy!

Anyway, back to the saga of getting ready. That left me with an afternoon to figure out what the heck we were going to wear. I dig through everything we have to find what we are wearing. Eventually I found something (obviously). But I wasn’t without it’s fair share of drama. I put our clothes on and every time I looked over at Isla, she looked like a hot mess! I changed her clothes THREE times because everything I put on her just looked silly.

I’ll paint the picture a little bit better of the chaos in our home. Isla doesn’t sit still so she is running as I am trying to clothe her… Luke is racing his cars loudly in the back ground (you know those boy sound effects that just get louder and louder with his intensity level). Our youngest was crying because she wanted some attention. All the while we were waiting for the bug man to show up even though we needed to leave so that we could meet my sister before the sun set. My hubby called the bug man and told him they had to come another day because they were late and we had to leave…

As the chaos was surrounding me, I stopped, looked up at my husband and said…. “Why in the world does anyone do this!” LOL

I obviously know why, because I am a photographer and LOVE photos. But seriously one must simply laugh at how overwhelmingly difficult family photo sessions are for the people in front of the camera.

We eventually get to our location, which I LOVE how these turned out so if you want to go frolic on the top of a parking garage I will definitely be there to photograph it for you!

Let’s talk about bribery too! What do you bribe your children with to take good photos? Ours was ICE CREAM! It usually works. But today…. Not so much… And guess what, THAT’S OK. Do you know why that is ok? It is because even though we didn’t get many photos of us smiling together we got a ton of photos of us laughing, trying to tickle each other, hugging and kissing… My sister captured who we are as a family… Slightly awkward, extremely active, intensely loving and a little sassy all at the same time!

So when you get your family photos done. DON’T STRESS about the kids not smiling or looking at the camera. There will be times that it just won’t happen and that stage will pass but the memory of the moments we shared is what I treasure. So make sure to engage your kids during your session. Ask them questions, laugh with them even when they aren’t being funny, tickle them, throw them in the air, swing them in circles, do anything to direct their attention to yourself in a positive way. I promise those are the photos that you will love.

*** I also wanted to say a HUGE thank you to my Sister, Taylor at Taylor Daugherty Photography for taking these photos. (Edited by me)

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