Amanda + Richard :: Engagement Session

To be honest I really haven’t blogged enough but I have no idea why! I feel like when I blog I can share with you all so much better the mood and feel of each session that I have. It changes so much for each one. The lighting, location, personalities…. It all varies so much.

So I’ll try my best to start sharing these sessions with you. Explaining some of the variables of the session so you can understand better what the different lighting and locations can do to change the mood of the session.

Not all sessions are created equal. If you see photos on Pinterest that you really like you can definitely recreate them the best that you can but to be honest you almost never will get them exact. Want to know why?!?!?!

Each photographer is so different. They have a different perspective, different editing styles and they deal with different locations and personalities. So aim not to recreate exactly each photo that you find, aim instead to be inspired and let who YOU are permeate through your photographs!

Amanda and Richard’s session was at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida. We started the session at 6:00pm. The sun set around 7:30pm. We got enough light for some AMAZING photographs. I think I delivered about over 130 photos in their gallery!

We started out in the open sun, but thankfully there was a little cloud coverage because it was still pretty bright. Then we headed down to the lake where we found some shade. Once we moved to the beach area the sun had gone down enough to be out in the open without a bunch of shadows on their faces. After the amazing photos at the water we quickly hopped into our cars and drove up to the open field and got some soft and beautiful photos in the tall grass. As the sun set the photos got more moody.

My favorite time to photograph is early in the morning or in the evening before the sun sets. I am not a huge fan of the harsh sun light during the day. So if you book with me I will most likely give you two times to chose from in determining when the best time is for your session. I also LOVE overcast days. This session was not overcast but more scattered clouds which also works well during sessions.

I usually shoot close to wide open for my aperture of my camera and then adjust my ISO to change my camera’s sensitivity to the light. The shutter speed is just adjusted to accurately flow with my aperture. This is how I achieve my exposure. I tend to underexpose a stop to keep the detail in the photograph and then lighten it up in post processing. I post process through Lightroom and rarely ever use photoshop unless I have to face swap.

This is me and my photography style, there are lots of different styles out there and ways to see the world. So find the photographer that you love their work. Don’t just look for the cheapest. The type of photographer you hire is the most important thing because your photos will turn out how they want them to (because it is “their” art). It’s so important to be on the same page so that your not disappointed and so that you know what to expect!

I hope you enjoy these photos from Amanda + Richard’s session!

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